Hello world!

7 Oct

They say it takes 28 days to kick (or create) a habit, right?  So this is my accountability attempt.  I already blog yummy vegan food over at Amanda’s Domestic Adventures, but I decided although I’m not crazy about the blog what you eat world – I’m open to seeing if it works for my diet overhaul.  I need to lose about 10-pounds (actually I have no idea – but my pants are tight and I refuse to weigh myself – so I need to lose enough to fit my pants). So starting tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my vegetarian daily eats – with an emphasis on eating vegan in the home/at work as much as possible.

The catch? My workouts are severely limited due to a knee injury.  I start physical therapy next week and haven’t been able to run in forever.  So yoga will be my main form of exercise for awhile until my knee gets straightened out – which is why I need to focus on my food – which is not easy.

Until tomorrow!


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